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Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry is an "ON-FIRE, LOVING, EVANGELISITIC, EXCITING, DYNAMIC, EFFECTIVE AND FUN MINISTRY" with members all over the United States and overseas. Our members rumble around the world on their motorcycles proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord! This web site is an outreach of the Texas Chapter of Bikers for Christ.


Bikers For Christ is a non-denominational, international motorcycle ministry. Founded in August of 1990 by Pastor Fred Zariczny (A.K.A. Pastor Z or Fred Z) in California. Since that time BFC has grown to over 2,300 members (tripling in size since 2003). There are chapters in 49 states including Alaska & Hawaii & 10 countries.

Staying true to our original purpose, each BFC chapter operates under an elder and the local church. A national administrator oversees the regional elders, handles finances and merchandise as well as application filing and review.

"Our goals for the future are to simply continue to spread the Gospel to who ever we meet, minister to those in need and provide spiritual help & services where we can. We look forward to continued growth and safety on the road."